Well, kia ora! I am a New Zealand photographer and am currently based in Wellington, NZ/Aotearoa. I first picked up a camera at the end of 2014. My artistic background and relentless thirst for improvement helped me make quick progress. Efforts so far have helped me photograph aurora beyond the Arctic Circle, glaciers breaking apart in Patagonia and curious native birds in our glorious National Parks. There's something special about capturing an image infused with the right tones and emotion. The majestic beauty of Aotearoa offers limitless opportunities for a photographer and I consider myself beyond lucky to be based here.

I spend a lot of time outside and thinking "where to next" - whether that's the next photo mission, hike, holiday or just to leave the house to get something to eat. That also applies to how I can improve or tweak my photography to capture an image in just the right way.

Through a bit of luck and my friendly demeanour, i've managed to have work published by Tourism New Zealand, Forest & Bird, The Spinoff and by international media outlets.

I am more than happy to do prints and commissions. The multiple galleries on this website offer a diverse range of images for you to choose from. I am excited to meet new people to work on projects with or produce high-quality work for. Do get in touch!

Contact: daniel.s.rood@gmail.com

+ 64 27 422 9069