Island Warmth

Southern Winters

If it’s winter, you’re going to be cold. You may as well go look at something a bit prettier than an office wall as the winter chill rips through your bones.

BLAKE Inspire 2019

Eurovision II

Milford Track


Majestic. Moody. Drenched beech forests filled with curious native birds. A slog over Mackinnon Pass and a 1000m decent surrounded by waterfalls that never land. They call it the world's greatest walk and I think they might just be right.

South American Streets



The South

You can't quite beat escaping to the beauty and majestic offerings of Te Wai Pounamu. The Aoraki (cloud piercer) National Park is nested away amongst proud snow-capped mountains and retreating glaciers. A few solid day walks stretched the lungs but provided remarkable vistas for our efforts. It also sits within a dark sky reserve, where the stars bulge like young, eager eyes. The Aurora Australis made a brief and bold appearance (in this part of the country?!) to the awe of a patient few. 

The scenic drive to Queenstown helped us rest strained legs. Autumnal notes pleased the eye. A quick jaunt to the Mt. Aspiring National Park provided us with the native bird fix we needed.

We are spoilt.

Arthur's Pass


Killing Fields, Dachau and Aushwitz preserve the harrowing morbidness of the realities and suffering from war. You can feel the turmoil and suffering inflicted on humanity with every step taken in these grim quarters. Two things continued to run through my head at these places. Firstly, that I was actually at these places i'd read so much about. Secondly, that people were capable of doing this to other human beings. It's a history lesson of the most depressing yet absorbing kind. And it all happened not that long ago.

South Island, April 2015